Collection counts

The IContainer interface has always provided a method for returning the count of some collection types via getDetails().getCounts(). The server has database views for all link collections. These are accessed through HQL directly, such as:

Long self = iAdmin.getEventContext().getCurrentUserId();
Image i = iQuery.findByQuery(
   "select i from Image i left outer join fetch i.annotationLinksCountPerOwner", null);
Map<Long, Long> countsPerOwner = i.getAnnotationLinksCountPerOwner();

// Map may be null if not fetched.
if (countsPerOwner != null) {

    // countOfAnnotationsForImageByUser
    Long count = countsPerOwner.get(self);
    if (count != null) {
        // do something

Values written to the map will not be persisted to the database, since they are continually re-generated.

Pojo options

The PojoOptions configuration of what elements are counted has been removed from the API. Instead, the returned map contains all values for all users, and can be summed to acquire the total count.


Currently a Hibernate bug (waiting to be filed) prevents retrieving the counts on any other than the top-level object (“select this”).


The views.sql script is automatically executed when initializing your database.