OMERO.server Websockets

OMERO 5.5.0 includes experimental support for websocket connections. This allows clients to connect to OMERO.server over HTTP/S using the Ice protocol (note: this is not the same as the OMERO.web or JSON APIs).


The omero.client.icetransports OMERO.server configuration property must be changed. See the linked documentation for details.

You can override the default ws (4065) and wss (4066) ports with the properties omero.ports.wss.

If you want to proxy OMERO.server websockets via a webserver such as Nginx you must also add a cipher supported by Nginx to omero.glacier2.IceSSL.Ciphers since the anonymous ciphers that OMERO uses are not supported.

For a full configuration example see

Client connection

You can connect to an OMERO websocket by setting the appropriate Ice.Config properties in the client, for example:

Ice.Default.Router="OMERO.Glacier2/router:wss -p 8443 -h -r omero/websocket"

Some clients also support specifying the Ice transport in the host, e.g. wss://