Release an app

When you are ready to share your app with others, you can improve the install process by making your app installable via pip. You may also wish to configure the app label to make the app URL more user-friendly.

Make your app installable from PyPI

This is not required but it is recommended to make your app installable from PyPI. If you opt to do so, a few files need to be added:

  • - a set-up file used to configure various aspects of the app and also used as a command line interface for packaging the app

  • setup.cfg - a configuration file that contains option defaults for commands

  • - a file needed in certain cases to package files not automatically included

See Packaging and Distributing Projects for more details.

Configuring your app name and label

We support the option of configuring your OMERO.web app with a name and label. See Configuring Applications.

This allows the URL to an app to be different from its name. For example, OMERO.figure app is named omero_figure but the url is simply /figure/ as configured by and