Manage tags

The omero tag subcommands manage the creation, linking and listing of tag annotations. All subcommands can be listed using the -h option:

$ omero tag -h

Create tags

To create a new tag annotation, use the omero tag create command:

$ omero tag create
Please enter a name for this tag: my_tag

To create a tag set containing two existing tags of known identifiers 1259 and 1260, use the omero tag createset command:

$ omero tag createset --tag 1259 1260
Please enter a name for this tag set: my_tag_set

For both tags and tag sets, the name and an optional description can be passed using the --name and --desc options:

$ omero tag create --name my_tag --desc 'description of my_tag'
$ omero tag createset --tag 1259 1260 --name my_tag_set --desc 'description of my_tag_set'

List tags

To list all the tags owned by the current user, use the omero tag list command:

$ omero tag list
+- 1261:'my_tag_set'
| +- 1259:'my_tag'
| +- 1260:'my_tag_2'
+- 1264:'my_tag_set_2'
| +- 1260:'my_tag_2'
| +- 1263:'my_tag_4'

Orphaned tags:
> 1262:'my_tag_3'

To list all the tag sets owned by the current user, use the omero tag listsets command:

$ omero tag listsets
ID      |Name
1261    |my_tag_set
1264    |my_tag_set_2

Delete tags

Tags can be deleted using the omero delete command. The tag or tag set must be specified as TagAnnotation:tag_id. To delete tag 123 use:

$ omero delete TagAnnotation:123

By default the tags within a tag set will not be deleted with the tag set. To delete any included tags use the omero delete --include option:

$ omero delete TagAnnotation:123 --include TagAnnotation

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