The entire OMERO application (on a single JVM) resides in a single ome.system.OmeroContext. Each call belongs additionally to a single org.hibernate.Session (which can span over multiple calls) and to a single ome.model.meta.Event (which is restricted to a single task).

The container for all OMERO applications is the OmeroContext ( Based on the Spring configuration backing the context, it can be one of client, internal, or managed. The use of a ServiceFactory simplifies this usage for the client.

Hibernate sessions

A Hibernate Session comprises a ` Unit-of-Work <>`_ which translates for OMERO’s OME-Remote Objects model to a relational database. It keeps references to all Database-backed objects so that within a single session, object-identity stays constant and object changes can be persisted.

A session can span multiple calls by being disconnected from the underlying database transaction, and then reconnected to a new transaction on the next call (see for the implementation).

For information about Events see OMERO events and provenance.

Context Usage