Under the etc/ directory in both the source and the binary distributions, several files are provided which help to configure OMERO.server:

Since 5.5, the following repositories now have a properties file with the properties used in the repository itself. See,,,

Required by Hibernate since some properties are only configurable via a file

Logging configuration

The properties that you will most likely want to change


Local file overriding etc/ (used by build only)

The most useful of the properties are listed in a glossary.

On creation of an OmeroContext, the lookup for properties is (first wins):

  • Properties passed into the constructor (if none, then the default properties in config.xml)

  • set via “java -Dproperty=value”

  • Configuration files in order listed.

This ordering is defined for the various components via “placeholder configurers” in the following file in

Once configured at start, all values declared in one of the mentioned ways can be used in Spring configurations via the syntax:

<bean id=…>
  <property name="mySetter" value="${}"/>